ACCES 2021 FREE Virtual International Conference organized by ACCES

Virtual Conference Organized by ACCES Association
Alternative Assessments for Better Learning
  Beirut, Lebanon
  16th of October 2021 - 09.00-05.00 Beirut Timing(GMT +2)

Call for proposal here. Deadline September 30, 2021

COVID 19 and the move to remote learning brought forward discussion about assessment. Many instructors have been looking for alternative ways to evaluate students learning that could work virtually and uphold academic integrity.

We, at ACCES, have been providing training on alternative assessment to instructors in K-12 and higher education. We believe that teachers in the field have great insight and would like to hear from you about you are doing in the classroom to assess students learning. We aim to create a community of practitioners interested in sharing knowledge about alternative assessments.

The conference has two streams:
1. Practice-based: this stream is directed toward in-service teachers. We would like to hear from you about alternative assessments that you have used in your classrooms and you think were a success.
2. Research stream: this stream is directed toward researchers in the education field. We welcome submissions from graduate students and education researchers.

Presentation formats
We will be allocating 15 minutes to each presentation. We recommend that each presenter prepares a 10 minutes presentation that will be followed by 5 minutes Q&A. Presenters will be given the opportunity to publish a summary of their presentation in the conference proceedings.

Keynote Speakers

Talal Atrissi

Professor of Sociology
Former Dean of the Doctoral School of Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences- Lebanese University

Dr. Atrissi holds a PhD in the sociology of education from the Sorbonne University in Paris. He is the former Dean of the Doctoral School of Literature, Humanities and Social Sciencesof the Lebanese University. He is also authorized to supervise theses and is a member of the discussion committees for doctoral theses in Lebanese and French universities. Dr. Atrissi is a member of Lebanese, Arab and Islamic scientific and academic research, and advisory bodies. He is a lecturer at the Higher School of Command and Staff of the Lebanese Army. Dr. Atrissi has publications and research articles and has participated in local, regional, and international conferences on social, political, and cultural issues.

Armando Preciado Babb

University of Calgary, CANADA

Dr. Preciado has a background in mathematics, including both a bachelor and a masters from UNAM, Mexico. During these studies he was also involved in education at high school and undergraduate levels. Additionally, he participated as trainer for the Mathematics Olympiad team at provincial and national levels in México. He has been an instructor for other trainers including teachers at different grade levels. In 2011. Dr. Preciado earned a PhD degree in mathematics education at Simon Fraser University. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Galileo Educational Network Association from 2011 to 2014 conducting professional development for mathematics and science teachers.
Currently, Dr. Preciado holds the position of Director - Math Minds (Early Mathematics Initiative), comprising several partners including Calgary Catholic School Distric, Golden Hills School Division, the Werklund School of Education, JUMP Math. The overarching goals of the Research Partnership within the Math Minds initiative are to:
- Increase student engagement, self-esteem and achievement in mathematics;
- Deepen teacher’s conceptual understanding of mathematics and to apply mathematical knowledge to enhance classroom instruction; and
- Showcase excellence in teaching and learning math concepts to the wider community (parents, pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, graduate students, and the public, including media).
In addition to Math Minds, Dr. Preciado participates actively in several projects related to mathematics education.

Debra Hoven

University of Queensland, Australia

Dr Hoven has a PhD from University of Queensland, Australia in instructional design and media in online learning, particularly second or other language learning. She has taught from kindergarten through to post-secondary in several countries and currently teaches and supervises Master’s and doctoral students in the MEd and EdD programs at Athabasca University, Canada.
Her research interests include eportfolios, context-appropriate uses of technologies, Indigenous educational leadership, strategies for promoting student persistence and success, and digital storytelling.

Conference Committee

Conference Chair

Eliana Elkhoury

Assistant Professor
Athabasca University, CANADA

Dr. Eliana El KHOURY is an assistant professor at Athabasca University. She has extensive experience in teaching and learning in K12 and higher education settings within both Canada and internationally. She started her career with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and in 2018 she graduated from the University of Calgary with a PhD in Learning Sciences. Eliana spent six years teaching in K12 classrooms and working with teachers to redesign their lessons. In the last four years, she has been teaching in teacher education programs and the Master of Education program at Queen’s University. Eliana also has experience in education development and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.
Dr. Elkhoury is involved with international and humanitarian work by providing educational consultancy in Lebanon and the Middle East. Her work focuses on education in emergencies and innovation in teaching and learning. Eliana’s latest work includes training teachers in alternative ways of doing assessments. She also leads a team of trainers and researchers focused on innovation in teaching and learning as well as design workshops in English, French, and Arabic. Eliana is currently chairing a committee to organize the first conference on alternative assessment in Lebanon, which will take place this October utilizing a hybrid delivery model.
Dr. Elkhoury has won many awards related to her work on internationalization and education in emergencies. She has received multiple grants to conduct research, and has published and presented on STEM education, equity in education, and alternative assessments. Her current research interests include:
• Innovation in teaching and learning
• Alternative assessment in multiple disciplines
• Open education
• Equity in assessment practices
• Program evaluation and assessment
• STEM education


Fouad Yehya

Physics and Education Instructor

Program committee

Ayman Aljarrah

Acadia University, CANADA

Ayman Aljarrah is a mathematics educator and teacher educator at Acadia University. He completed both his Ph.D. and his Postdoctoral work at the University of Calgary. Before moving to Canada, Dr. Aljarrah worked as a mathematics teacher in K-12 school settings in Jordan, and as a lecturer of mathematics and mathematics education in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Aljarrah has consciously maintained two streams of research interest—collectivity and creativity—in mathematics learning environments. In his research, he always concentrates on the interactions between all the agencies in the learning environment—the program of study, the people in the classroom, and the materials and tools—and how such interactions trigger and sustain teachable moments

Robin Sutherland- Harris

University of Toronto, CANADA

Dr. Robin Sutherland-Harris is an Educational Developer at York University’s “Teaching Commons” where she acts as liaison to the Humanities departments, and supports e-Learning initiatives, inclusion and equity in teaching and learning, and academic integrity across the university.
Dr. Sutherland-Harris has over 8 years of university teaching experience in her original disciplinary field of Medieval Studies, and over 10 years experience as an educational developer, faculty development consultant, and peer teaching and learning mentor. Her current research uses a collaborative analytical autoethnographic methodology to explore facets of faculty and educational developer interaction, whether in the course of day-to-day individual consultations, curriculum renewal processes, or sector-wide emergency responses to global events such as COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter.

Erika Lemon

University of Calgary, CANADA

Erika Lemon holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Calgary and Bachelor’s degrees in Social Work and International Development from Dalhousie University. She has a plethora of experience within the social services field, working with people experiencing homelessness, refugee claimants, and people with disabilities. Her interest in the social services field intersects with education. She has been a teaching assistant at the University of Calgary for various social work courses, completed a practicum with an education focused NGO in the Philippines, taught ESL in Spain and is completing a certificate in Adult and Community Education at the University of Calgary. Currently she is a research associate, working on projects related to addiction, mental health, homelessness and immigration. One of Erika’s biggest passions is travelling. She loves to explore new countries and become immersed in the culture and everyday way of life.

Dania El Chaar

University of Calgary, CANADA

Dania El Chaar holds a PhD from the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. Her areas of specialization include newcomer family settlement in Alberta, immigrant and refugee youth educational journeys in Canada, as well as culturally responsive teaching among others. She volunteered in her community tremendously, being in direct contact with newly arrived families as well as through sitting on the Immigrant Advisory Table of the Calgary Local Immigrant Partnership at the City of Calgary. Dania taught, published and presented widely, both locally and internationally on topics such as family adjustment in the country of migration, culturally responsive teaching, and newcomer youth social and educational integration in Canadian schools. She has also reviewed parenting programs offered by immigrant serving agencies to newcomers.

Dima Choufani

TD in Education- Management and Leadership, AUB, Lebanon

Being raised in a family of educators, the mother, the father, uncles, and aunts, Miss Dima Choufani was indirectly influenced and driven to be walking in the track of education. After finishing her secondary studies in Adventist School in Mouseitbeh, Miss Choufani joined the American University of Beirut and majored in Elementary Education and pursued two teaching diplomas: Teaching Diploma in Elementary Education - Language Arts and Social Studies (finished in May 2020) and Teaching Diploma in Educational Management and Leadership (To be finished in May 2021). Miss Choufani has been teaching Arabic for Grade 3 for three years now at Adventist School in Mouseitbeh and she is a member in the school band and choir. She is an efficient member also in the extra-curricular activities program in the school, where she trains junior teams to participate in national performances in Dabke and International Dance Styles. Moreover, Miss Choufani gives music lessons in the afternoon, for different age groups, where she helps them improve their skills and empower their emotional intelligence. She is also finishing her diploma in Piano and studying to finish another diploma in Cello. Miss Dima’s studies and practice in oriental singing is also moving along with her Music diplomas. Miss Choufani enjoys cooking, drawing and sketching as well as writing to occupy her leisure time.

Ghazi Kais

Business Administration and Educational Management, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Master’s Degree in Educational Management, University of Cambridge International Examinations (Professional Development Course), Twelve different Certificates of Achievement, with more than 10 years’ of experience in the education field (Five years as a business teacher, monitoring the quality of business educational activities by enhancing learning skills of students and preparing them for external Cambridge examination (IGCSE International General Certificate for Secondary Education) in addition of another five years of experience gained from working with UNHCR in an educational project that was targeting all schools and technical vocational institutions in Mount Lebanon and Beirut, Mr. KAIS have the ability to help organize and create any educational or training programs for teachers or students. Furthermore, can provide effective and efficient advice to the administrative staff to enrich their experience and enhance their career.
Mr. Ghazi KAIS recently participated with SHEILD Association as a detention monitor to evaluate conditions, procedures and treatment in detention places to be able to identify and report any violations. Moreover, conduct needs assessment and pre-screening of vulnerabilities to refer for them adequate services and to prevent refoulement prioritizing minors and people with disabilities.

Mrs. Hanane Moussa

Senior Educational Advisor at ACCES by SHEILD GROUP

Head of French Academic Department, Saint Mary’s Orthodox College, Textbooks Author at Hachette Antoine, Examiner / Corrector DELF

Nizar El Mehtar

Assistant Professor of Education, Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Haigazian University

Ahmad Al Zein

University professor and Writer


Mrs. Salwa Rifai (Lebanon)

Head of Science Department and Science Teacher at Saint Mary’s

Mr. Maher Mansour (Qatar)

Class Teacher in the International Baccalaureate Program at the Arab International Academy in Doha, Cognitive Skills Trainer, and International Arbitrator for Debate

Mrs. Nathalie Bejjani (Lebanon)

Head of Sociology and Economy Department and Teacher at Ecole des trois Docteurs and Saint Mary’s Orthodox College

Mrs. Mira Bayakli (Lebanon)

English Teacher at Saint Mary’s Orthodox College

Mr. Dimitri SARKIS (France)

Manager at Decathlon, Sport Coordinator, adapted physical education

Mrs. Roula Chamseddine Tayyara (Lebanon)

PhD student in education sciences at Saint Joseph University Educational researcher in the Makassed Schools network