About Us

We are educational advisors, researchers and specialists in education sciences and teachers with an extensive experience in the education field.
Our purpose is to offer the necessary information for your well-being and for that of your children. On this site of educational counselling, we suggest a comprehensive list of schools that would answer your needs and for you to select from.

Further Reflections

Every child deserves to live and to « learn how to learn » in a healthy environment.

Providing education to children starts the moment they are born. Children receive from their parents, as they go along, all they need to be able to deal with life. For its part, the school will assume its responsibilities according to the powers entrusted to it. It must fulfill them properly in order to enable the children to receive the best possible education and instruction. According to O. Decroly, interest must be the basis of anything the child receives. Interest arouses attention.
In fact, between 4 and 5 years, the words, needs and interests of the child are taken into consideration by the institution within each group/class. This results in common interests that develop, get enhanced and vary throughout the activities the teacher organizes. Thus, every child is able to interrelate his/her questions, to open up to those of the others, to approach notions which are later studied and deepened in a more systematized education and to give meaning to his/her acquisitions.
This work on one target will be called « the main focus » and the main focus of parents is their child. Having worked for around twenty years in educational settings with children, parents, schools and specialists, we have detected several concerns that we wish to eliminate through our association. In fact, parents are interested in choosing a school that would satisfy their children and teach them about real-life situations.
Moreover, they must choose a place that would take into consideration the needs and capacities of every child. Not only this, for parents, conditions concerning their requirements must be observed : campus, school fees, transportation, etc.
This site aims at giving parents educational advice that helps them explore the different counselling models, at experiencing this way of getting informed and at identifying the opportunities to apply educational counselling by parents in their environments and personal experiences. While schools display their information and the teachers their specializations and experiences, parents can make a research in order to choose what best answers their needs.

Moreover, such choice may be applied by teachers seeking to submit their application and CV in order to find a suitable job.
In fact, the school is the place that must teach, help learn, supervise, advise and give support and subsequently create an environment that has the necessary conditions for learning. If you are a school, a busy parent or a teacher, you are in the right place. On this site, we provide sources of information. Choice and responsibility are yours.

As parents, you have the opportunity to:

• Choose the right school for your child. By browsing this site, you will find the school you are looking for.

• Consult specialists who can detect and develop the capabilities of children and teenagers. For that matter, specialists will be there to listen to you at all times :
• Educational support, dropout, anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), etc.
• Speech therapists, remedial teachers, educational psychologists, etc.

As a teacher, you have the opportunity to:

• Submit your application/CV online to schools in which you are interested :

• Basic training and diploma
• Years of experience
• Division desired
• Computer knowledge
• Region desired
• etc.
• Find job opportunities provided by schools offering vacancies
• Offer private lessons depending on your basic or ongoing training

As a school, you have the opportunity to:

• Release the information you wish to convey to the parents

• Offer educational and administrative vacancies you wish to fill such as:

• Teachers
• Supervisors
• Heads of divisions
• ITs
• Accountants
• Receptionists
• Photographers
• etc.

Finally, we will always have the pleasure to listen to you and to help you make the best choice. Do not hesitate to consult us or to contact us for an on-site appointment.